When I was 13, I started getting really bad headaches that nobody could explain. 

And they didn’t stop. Constant pain. Endless, for days, weeks, months.

I went to an endless supply of doctors, some of which thought i was crazy, others flat out didn’t believe me.

Finally, after several painful and expensive tests, and a year without an answer, I was diagnosed with brain cancer. 

Throughout this time, I would miss weeks of school, and my teachers would get mad at me, but there was nothing I could do.

They went for a straight forward treatment: radiation and surgery. 

The surgery was successful, getting the majority of the tumor out of my brain. 

Radiation, on the other hand, was…something else.

During it, I would be fine, not complain, just breathing and hope my head would stop hurting. After it, it was like a living hell. I could barely move. I was in constant pain, not only my head, but everywhere.

When the radiation stopped, my headaches only got worse. I would just lie in a ball on my bed and cry, and sometimes I couldn’t even cry.

My mom couldn’t bare to see me like this. When I was 15, my parents took me to a pain rehab clinic, which specialized in helping kids and teenagers with chronic pain to manage and cope through it.

That was torture it I knew it. I am not a people person. So being surrounded by people trying to help me 24/7 was not fun. But it helped.

Not immediately, but later on.

It was one day a few weeks after I got out. In the middle of August. I was riding my biking, ignoring the pain in my head, and suddenly, it wasn’t there.

As quickly as it had started, it stopped. And I haven’t looked back.